Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disadvantages of speaking too much....mindlessly

1. People tend to think you are very clear when it comes to expressing your feelings.
    Problem: The things that go on in your heart never come to the limelight. 
2. At times the serious things that you say are ignored as a joke. At times no one listens to you because usually      you keep speaking trash
3. People who know you very less think you have no right to be angry or to feel bad
4. This one is serious. You end up unintentionally hurting some people who are not your type. You feel bad that you ended up hurting someone whom you liked when all your life you have been trying to hurt people you do not  like but have been unsuccessful in those attempts.

Disclaimer: These reflect my personal thoughts so don't mind if they do not match yours 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


3 Idiots actually got me thinking. What are my goals…what do I actually aim to become…Why am I doing all these that I am actually doing right now…Is it true that I actually wanted to go in for the so called general line …English hons according to me and economics hons according to my mother or am I just saying that Literature was my calling just to escape accepting the fact that I do not know ….still don’t know at the age of 22 what I actually want from my life. Is all this thinking just because I want to hide all my flaws or failures behind the illusion that I was just pushed into being what my parents wanted me to be? Am I really made to do one of those big things or am I just an ordinary mortal who at times keeps dreaming …day or night being immaterial…dreams and dreams but never ever wakes up from those dreams and the deep slumber that he or she is in and go, march forward and fulfill those dreams or is it so that I just don’t have any dreams and I dream based on what the society thinks is right. Because honestly thinking I never actually did or think anything out of the box or did something which made people sit up and take notice. Well why am I bringing people in. I should be talking about me and my dreams. But what to do a human being is a social animal or so it was written in Class 1 science book. Why is it so that whenever I seriously sit down and think what am I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE….WHY WHY DO I SIMPLY GO BLANK.
We all say or at least some of my friends say, and now it is the in thing or so I think it is….to talk about why are parents pushing their children to become what they, the parents want their kid to be. I admit there are some geniuses as the movie rightly pointed out like Sachin and Lataji who are just exceptionally talented, who have that within them and they know what they want since their childhood. But even though it’s a bitter truth a vast majority of us is just aimless and ordinary, who if left on its own most probably won’t do anything worth mentioning or I don’t know maybe they would. Actually I personally don’t know anyone who has been left to do what he or she wishes in the true sense. Is it worth taking the risk and letting the kids explore and find for themselves what they really love and do that? Or will it become too late and the kids would have gone haywire. I really don’t know. And now, sadly I have once again gone into my BLANK mode. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Oh d pleasant wind and the swaying trees
The shining moon filling the ground with its silver beams
The soft feeling of your hair being gently blown away
Caressing your face...bringing a smile...n giving a feeling
Did this happen sometime earlier too
Oh d deja vu thing
You think oh ya I feel it happened
When....when ...when
N then suddenly nothing matters
You forget that it happened before too
The wrinkles on your forehead disappear
Your eyes widen up a bit more
You feel like taking in the view as much as you can
You live in the moment
You start dreaming
You dream about imaginary situations...real situations made up the way you want them to be
Dream dream and dream
Fame, love, respect, power, grandeur, lights, colors, beauty.................
Breath in the fresh air with the tinge of the smell of fresh flowers
Inhale and let go
Stop caring about people, their opinions and dream
Slowly but steadily
Dreams change to passions
Hidden wishes
Things you always wanted to do but then ....never did
Traits of people you always wanted to adopt but....
Things you always wanted to say but you never could
Slowly you make up your mind
Slowly you decide
Slowly you come back
To the real world
The breeze is no longer blowing your hair away
You are no longer gazing out into the wilderness like a kid
You are not smiling
You are at peace
Peace with yourself and the world
You feel empty inside
The grudges held within have been washed away
Its all clear
Ready for the new challenges
Ready to face them strongly and happily
You are set to march forward with big happy leaps
Win or lose are ready to try n try hard
Ahhhhhh.....You are ready to rock