Sunday, July 18, 2010

I want days to run as fast as possible...
I want time to fly...
I wanna jump...I wanna run...I wanna dance....I wanna cry

I want to run barefoot on green meadows
Sing like a carefree bird
Run with my skirt swirling around my legs
Run and run till I am tired
Then sit down on a boulder and laugh away madly till I am in tears...

I want to be the person I was
Or maybe the one I still am but am not being able to realize
But then I also want to be the revered one
Like the ones who have lots of admirers....lots of friends...
Like the ones who always seem happy and trouble free
Maybe they are not that happy or trouble free
But then I want to master the art of being able to appear so...

I want time to fly
I want things to get over soon
I want new things to happen faster
But am scared to bear the responsibilities that come with time
I am scared whether I have the ability to be able to shoulder them
I am scared whether I will be able to prove myself with time
I am scared of failure and the rejection that comes with it
I am scared of the new things ahead

Or maybe I just don't know what I want to do...