Friday, June 18, 2010

What’s this???

Cring Cring….Tring Tring
The phone rings
Who are you…
I can’t guess
Hmmm….and he tells his name
You are speechless and then you remember
Oh yaa, I gave him my number the last time I talked to him
Hmm…its 11pm and he asks …obviously sensing from my response….Is it late??
You think…
A yes and he will hang up
You are in a state of shock and do not know what to talk to him
You never talked once during the four long years you studied in the same class
You think and think and keep quiet
Things move on….new topics crop up
Well you talk…God knows what
Then your sis calls saying the movie has started…obviously he asks what happened and you tell him
Then again things move on
He asks “so say something”
You foolishly say “I have nothing to say”…
Hmmm…Well….two more lines
And he says …well go and watch your movie and you hang up
Then it’s back to normal mode
Nothing has changed
You again start thinking …. pretending that you are not thinking
Then you realize that you are thinking and sit down to write everything so as to be able to decode your thoughts clearly
But in the end you realize that it has ended in far greater confusion
So now tell me What is all this….