Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Move On

When I saw the Fast Track ad for the first time my reaction was Gawd hw cheap & crazy can ppl b. But now coming to think of it, the theme "MOVE ON" is so very relevant. Its like you just have no other option. The same you move on to another maths problem when you can't solve one in 12th class you just have to move on in life.
There is just no point in holding on to things no matter how good or bad they are. Even happiness is a time period. If we have to actually live life we cannot just remain in a moment that happened a few days or months or years back. Though I agree when you are very sad and feel like nothing is going right in your life, there is NO harm in looking back and making yourself happy and successful by thinking about a past achievement. Everyone is allowed a few chocolates at times but as we all know too many make you fat or at least they aren't very nutritious supplements. In the same way thinking about a past mistake just to make sure you do not redo it is fine. Dats it ....just felt like writing n did it :D...u see marketing guys also have brains, its not just talking skills and all gas :)

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